Home stays

There are more than 600 homestays in Uzbekistan. Most of the homestays are situated in Nurata region, Djizak (on the way between Samarkand and Bukhara). This is a truly special area - the villages nestle in green valleys irrigated by mountain springs against a back drop of mountains rising to 2000 meters 
 This is a unique way to experience first-hand, the real Uzbek life and hospitality of mountain farmer families, local cooking and cultural with village way people. The homestays are fully vetted as part of the local sustainable tourism initiative and the families speak some English. The initiative was originally set up UNESCO to assist local families. Locals usually grow all their own fruit and vegetables and you are also surrounded by giant walnut trees. The meals are just wonderful with fresh made in their own oven. Accompanied by a family member, hike up the village slopes or along the river banks and ancient agricultural canals that crisscross the countryside. Ancient petroglyphs can be seen on the rocky slopes and in spring the display of tulips is dazzling.
Also,by staying in traditional household you get a chance to see the everyday life of a rural Uzbek family and folklore performances by village musicians and dancers can be organized in the evenings.