Aral sea

Aral Sea Tours
The Aral Sea is actually a lake, and got its name because of its colossal size. Locating in the heart of Central Asia, the sea existed through the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya, and gave life to thousands of people and countless species of flora and fauna. But just few decades of human greed and grandeur led to sharp drying up of Aral Sea, and as a consequence, the environmental disaster and social problems in the region. The local people still remember these times when, but the place where ships were furrowing, now became a desert, covered with salt and dried sea weeds, abandoned piscatorial settlements and villages, rusting skeletons of abandoned ships.
AST is continuously developing Aral Sea adventure tours, including visits to amazing places such as the ancient settlement Mizdahkan, salt mine Barca Kelmes, fishermen village Sudoche Lake, unique Ustyurt Plateau, archeological monuments, city Muinak and Cemetery of ships and many other destinations.
This is a unique opportunity to see the disappearing sea and unforgettable nature of the Karakalpak region.
Tours are designed taking into account the experts’ recommendations and wishes of many tourists. They are highly secure and safe, accompanied by experienced guides and drivers, full of impressive sights and attractions.