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Uzbekistan is the land with its legendary cites like Samarkand, Bukhara and Kiva.  Moreover, region is being popular among the tourists with active tours in Tianshan Mountains and adventure tours to Aral Sea and rural homestays.  Our combined tours gives you chance to discover land of Tamerlane within several days. Tourists enjoy trekking in National Parks and experience local tradition in homestays.


Tour through Uzbekistan

  • 10 DAYS

Starting in Tashkent and ending in magnificent Samarkand, discover the culture, history and the present day life of the ancient Silk Road cities with this eight days odyssey to the heart of the Silk Road. With AST, explore the cities of Bukhara and Khiva. The stunning blue and gold madrassas of Samarkand's Registan may astound you. Spend a morning wandering with your guide through the market stalls, spilling over with local spices and fruit, in Chorsu Bazaar.


Trekking to Bildersay

Explore one of the most scenic mountain areas of Uzbekistan with this 4 days trekking tour in Chimgan area of Western Tien Shan Mountains.


Aral Sea tour

The Aral Sea is actually a lake, and got its name because of its colossal size. Locating in the heart of Central Asia . . .


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